Comala Document Management Cloud | Remember assigned reviewers

When configuring workflows in Comala Document Management Cloud, workflow templates like the ‘Basic Approval Workflow’ are expected to be used.

Usually, customers assign reviewers in the 'Review' state and expect those already set reviewers to remain after rejection, a page update, etc.


Customers can use workflow parameters combined with page workflows to remember these already assigned users.


Steps to configure workflow parameters to remember reviewers when page mode is enabled:

  1. Add the necessary user parameters to the corresponding approval as a pre-assigned value.

  1. Now, go to the page and assign the workflow.


  1. Once the page workflow is assigned to the page, you’ll be prompted to add the approvers for the ‘Review’ state. After adding them, the users will be automatically assigned to the workflow, and every time the workflow goes back to this approval, the already assigned users will be there.

This configuration is only available for page workflows since it is flexible enough to select the approvers for each page. If, on the other hand, you are using space workflows (or space mode), note that the values added to the parameter while configuring the workflow can not be modified at the page level; instead, the approver users will always be the same for all pages in the space.