Comala Document Management Cloud | Error - Must be admin


In Confluence cloud, you might be able to add a space workflow in most of the spaces, but there can be more restricted spaces where you may see the error 'Must be admin' even when you are a confluence administrator and a space administrator.



This issue is usually related to the Comala Workflows user not having enough permissions in the space. To solve this:

  1. Check if the Comala Workflows for Confluence Cloud user has the corresponding space permissions, as explained here: Fixing Permissions Problem.

    1. If the Comala Workflows for Confluence Cloud user is not visible in the space permissions, please try to add it by typing its ID 5d2dada317e1d20cfaa6fbdd.

    2. If the option is not feasible, try reinstalling Comala Document Management in your instance. (Reinstalling the app is safe, and no data is lost during the process; Page status, workflows, etc. will remain untouched.)

    3. If reinstalling the Comala Document Management app doesn’t help with this permission issue, please contact Atlassian Support about the Comala Workflows for Confluence Cloud users not being displayed when adding it to the space permissions.