Comala Document Management Data Center | Understand the 'set-restrictions' macro


When adding only the macro {set-restrictions:type=View|group=sample_group} to the workflow, the sample_group obtains permission to edit the content.


Comala Document Management integrates with Confluence Permissions and Restrictions. {set-restrictions:type=View} removes all view and edit restrictions on the page. When defining view restrictions without edit restrictions, Confluence doesn’t allow it if 'no one' has edit permissions.

  1. To avoid this behavior, it is essential also to specify edit restrictions on the page.

  2. In this case, you should add the macro {set-restrictions:type=Edit|group=another_sample_group}

  3. Now, Confluence knows who can see the page and edit it.

Please note that a Confluence Administrator or a Space Administrator can manage the restrictions and add themselves as editors/viewers.