Plugin conflicts due to interdependencies.

The customer encountered difficulties when they deactivated the "Comala Document Control" plugin and were subsequently unable to install the "Comala Document Management" plugin. Additionally, the customer already has the "Comala Publishing" plugin installed.

Findings :

  • There were dependencies/blockers between plugins.

  • You can have only one of Comala Document Approval, Comala Document Control, and Comala Document Management apps installed.

  • Document Approval and Document Control are simple versions of Document Management.

In Cloud, you can’t migrate data between them.
In Data Center, you can migrate data but you still can have only one of them installed.

Due to Atlassian cloud limitations, the document activity (aka workflow history) for the pages or blogs won’t be available between apps because the document activity is stored in a Custom Content Type on Confluence that is only available for the application that created it.

Solution :
After uninstalling Comala Document Control the installation of Comala Document Management went fine.