Comala Document Management Cloud | Expired event and due dates


After the state expiration, the automatic transition or expiration actions don’t work.


When using due dates in the states and the ‘Expired' transition is set, the page/blog should automatically transition to the corresponding state and display the 'Expired’ message in the document.

  1. We suggest setting the due date to be at least 10 minutes from the current time, especially for testing purposes.

  2. Double-check that the default expiration message is accurately set in the trigger section as is explained in our documentation: .


"triggers": [ { "event":"on-expire", "actions":[ { "action":"send-email", "recipients":[ "@watchers", "@creator", "@lastUpdatedBy" ], "notification":{ "subject":"${content.title} has expired", "title":"${content.title} has expired", "body":"Hello, ${} in the ${} space has expired and needs to be reviewed" } }, { "action":"set-message", "type":"info", "title":"Expired", "body":"The page has expired", "tags":"state", "mode":"autoClose" } ] } ]
  1. Note that emails related to expiration actions might take a few minutes to arrive. Please refer to our documentation about the send-email trigger action for more details.