How to transition or delete multiple reviews


As an administrator, you may need to cleanup some reviews that are obsolete or in the wrong state. To delete reviews, you normally need to transition them to abandonDraft reviews are a special case.


Transition Reviews

Transition multiple issues
--action runFromList --list CR-3,CR-5 --common "--action transitionReview --review @entry@ --state abandon" --continue

Run: --action transitionReview --review CR-3 --state abandon 
Remote error: Transition 'abandon' is not valid for review CR-3
Run: --action transitionReview --review CR-5 --state abandon 
Review CR-5 transitioned to Dead.
Client error: 1 actions failed, 1 actions were successful 

Delete reviews

If you need to delete reviews that are not in the abandon state, run the above example first.

Delete multiple reviews
--action runFromList --list CR-3,CR-5 --common "--action deleteReview --review @entry@" --continue

Run: --action deleteReview --review CR-3 
Remote error: Review is in an invalid state to delete. State is: Draft.
Run: --action deleteReview --review CR-5 
Review CR-5 deleted.