How to remove a label from a set of pages


The addLabels the removeLabels actions support both content and space labels (see link). There can be confusion when using the removeLabels action when only the space parameter is used. This will only remove a space label and does not affect any page labels. If you specify a title or id parameter, then it will remove a content label. 

If you need to remove one or more labels from all the pages in a space, then the following steps will work.

Working with Confluence Labels - discusses content and space labels


  1. Use runFromPageList or similar run actions to remove labels from multiple pages. For instance, all pages in a specific space.

    confluence --action runFromPageList --space zconfluencecli --common "--action removeLabels --labels xxx --id @pageId@"
  2. Use other parameters on the runFromPageList action to subset the removal.


Use runFromSql for more fine grained control over what pages to affect.