How to add a page as a child page using Confluence Command Line Interface

This article explains how to add a page as child page of an existing page using the Confluence CLI app.


Use the addPage action to create a page as a child page under a parent page in the specified space.

Run the following CLI action command that creates a new page under a specific parent page:

--action addPage --space "TAS" --title "Test-child" --content "This is a test page." --parent "Test-parent"

For this example, the CLI action creates the Test-child page under the parent Test-parent page as shown:

The following parameters are used in the above action:

  • space - the space key where the new page is to be created.
  • title - the title of the child page. 
  • content - the content for the page that is created.
  • parent - the parent page name that exists in the space already.