How to copy space between two different Confluence instances

This article explains how to copy a space from one instance to other instance using the Confluence Command Line Interface (CLI) app.

Important Information

Ensure that the source instance must have the CLI Connector installed with a valid license. A connector or a valid license is not a requirement for the target instance.


Use the copySpace action to copy space with space, targetServer, targetUser, targetPassword and name as required parameters.

As an example, let's copy the current space, CopySpace_CLI, with key, COPYCLI, to another Confluence instance with space name, TARGET_CLI. The copied space in the target instance retains the same space key, COPYCLI. 

Execute the following action:

--action copySpace --space "COPYCLI" --targetServer "" --targetUser "admin" --targetPassword "admin" --name "TARGET_CLI"  --description "copied space" --copyComments --copyLabels  --descendents

The result of the above action is as follows:

  • Output on the terminal:

     --action copySpace --space "COPYCLI" --targetServer "" --targetUser "admin" --targetPassword "admin" --name "TARGET_CLI"  --description "copied space" --copyComments --copyLabels  --descendents
    Space added with key COPYCLI, name 'TARGET_CLI', and url
    Page 'Confluence_CLI Home' copied to 'Confluence_CLI Home' in COPYCLI.
    Page 'addPage_CLI' copied to 'addPage_CLI' in COPYCLI with parent 'Confluence_CLI Home'.
    2 comments copied from page 'addPage_CLI' to 'addPage_CLI' in space COPYCLI on target server
    1 labels copied.
    Page 'CLI_Title_3' copied to 'CLI_Title_3' in COPYCLI with parent 'addPage_CLI'.
    Page 'Blogging tutorial' copied to 'Blogging tutorial' in COPYCLI with parent 'Confluence_CLI Home'.
    1 comments copied from page 'Blogging tutorial' to 'Blogging tutorial' in space COPYCLI on target server
    1 labels copied.
    Page 'CLI_Title_1' copied to 'CLI_Title_1' in COPYCLI with parent 'Blogging tutorial'.
    Page 'CLI_Title_2' copied to 'CLI_Title_2' in COPYCLI with parent 'Blogging tutorial'.
    Page 'Confluence_CLI Home' with 5 descendents copied to 'Confluence_CLI Home' in space COPYCLI on target server Page has id 65895.
    6 pages copied.
    Space copied successfully to COPYCLI on
  • Output in Confluence:

The above action contains the following parameters: 

  • copySpace: Creates a new space and copies pages to the new space. Other information can also be copied based on other parameters. 
  • space: Space key value. For some actions, a space name may also work.
  • targetServer: Target server URL for copy requests.
  • targetUser: Target server user. Defaults to user.
  • nameSpace name or file name for the attachment.
  • description: Descriptive text.
  • targetPasswordTarget server user password. Defaults to password.
  • copyLabels: Copy labels when copying a page or space.
  • copyComments: Copy comments when copying a page.
  • descendentsAll descendents for a page.

It is recommended to test this scenario in a non-production environment before implementing it in production environment.