How to list restricted parent pages in a space using Confluence Command Line Interface CLI

This article explains how to get the list of parent pages that have page restrictions in space using the Confluence Command Line Interface app.


Option 1:

If yow want to get the permission list of all the pages in a space, then execute the below cli command using getPermissionList action.

--action runFromPageList --space "spacename"  --parent "Home" --common "--action getPermissionList --id @pageId@"

Option 2:

If you want to get the permission list of specific pages then first, you need to get the title of pages using getPageList action , where the file can be edited based on the requirement and then execute the below getPermissionList action to get the permissions of the pages from the provided .CSV file.

  1. Run the below getPageList action command to get all the parent pages in the space.

     --action getPageList --space “spacename” --title "Home" --children --columns "3, title, space" --outputFormat 999 --file "pagelist.csv"”

  2. Edit the pagelist.csv file from the above cli results, to ensure that the new file contains the Title and Space details.

  3. Run the getPermissionList command to get all the page permissions in the space. This provides only the list of pages that have restrictions. The pages that do not have restrictions are not displayed. 

     --action runFromCsv --file pagelist.csv --continue --common "--action getPermissionList --file "permissionlist.csv" --append" 

    Output of the mentioned command:

Using the above action commands, it will fetch the pages with restrictions, and those pages should be accessible to the user.

Make sure the file is updated with the Title and Space names accordingly.