How to add the view space permission in bulk to a group using Confluence CLI

This article explains how to add the view space permission in bulk to a specific group using Confluence Command Line Interface (CLI).


Use the addPermissions action to add space permission to a specific group for multiple spaces. 

  1. Create a CSV file with the list of space keys as required with column name as space.
  2. Execute the following CLI command to add the VIEW permission for all the spaces mentioned in the CSV file for a specific group:

    --action runFromCsv --file "space.csv" --common "--action addPermissions --permissions "viewspace" --group "supportgroup"" --continue

You can verify that the View permission is now added to the specified space(s) for the specified group in the Permissions page. The result of the command given in this example is as shown:

The given CLI command has the following parameters:

  • permissions: value specifies the type of permission. 
  • group: value specifies the group name.
  • common: is a common parameter string added to all run actions.
  • continue: is used to continue processing even after errors are encountered for run actions.
  • Valid values for the permissions parameter are:
    • viewspace
    • editspace
    • setpagepermissions
    • removepage
    • editblog
    • removeblog
    • comment
    • removecomment
    • createattachment
    • removeattachment
    • exportspace
  • The CLI action is to be tested in a non-production environment before implementing it in the production environment.