How to remove all watchers from all pages

If you find yourself feeling like Confluence is spamming your team mailbox or putting the load on our mail exchange server unnecessarily, you might want to have a way to reset existing watchers for all pages. Once done, whoever needs to get notifications can watch the pages once again.


The below steps allow you to remove watchers of all pages in the Confluence.

  1. First, get all page watchers using the below CLI command:

    --action runFromPageList --space @all --common "--action getWatchList --id @pageId@ --columns 3,5 --file pageswatchers.csv --append"
  2. Please change CSV file headers as shown below:

    "id","userId" "348454915","automation" "348454922","automation" "348553256","automation" "348454917","automation" "320114779","automation" "313295895","admin" "327685","admin"
  3. Next, run the below action to remove all the page watchers.

    --action runFromCsv --file pageswatchers.csv --common "--action removeWatch" --continue


Additionally, if you want to remove all the space watchers, then it is impossible to lack API. There’s an open issue on the Atlassian side: