Lucid Chart diagram broken during copyPage across Confluence instances

Problem Statement

Lucid Chart diagram is broken when using copyPage action to copy pages across Confluence instances.


VersionServer ( all versions)
App VersionConfluence CLI ( all versions)


The copyPage action copies the storage format from the source page to the target page without any modification. A Lucid Chart diagram uses attachment ID to render the image. This Lucid Chart diagram is created in the target instance with a different attachment ID.


  1. Run getAttachmentList on the source and target page to get the corresponding attachment IDs for the Lucid Chart file (e.g. myLucidChart.json).

    1. Source page (page ID 1)

      --action getAttachmentList --id 1 --outputType table --columns 2,4
    2. Target page (page ID 2)

      --action getAttachmentList --id 2 --outputType table --columns 2,4
  2. Run modifyPage to update the attachment IDs in the Lucid Chart macro on the target page (page ID 2) where "12345" is the attachment ID from the source page (page ID 1) and "67890" is the attachment ID on the target page (page ID 2).

    --action modifyPage --id 2 --findReplace "12345:67890"