How to use URL field as Web link by using Remote link: URL field using the Power BI Connector app.

This article explains how to use URL fields as Weblink using the Remote link URL field using the Power BI Connector app.

About Remote link: URL

Remote link: URL works to pull the web links that are linked to an issue within the Jira instance. Within an issue, if you can add any other issue as a web link, then the URL can be pulled through this Remote Link: URL field within Power BI.

You can also make use of the Linked issues section that can pull issues (issue key) that are linked to the current issue. In the Jira issue, there are three types of Links:

  • Jira Issue

  • Confluence page

  • Weblinks

Currently, there are no system fields that can pull the URLs except for Remote link: URL. But this field pulls the data only when the URLs are linked as Web Links. And if you already have the custom field named URL, then please use the same to import the data. Once the data is imported, you can see the links within this field in a text format.


  1. Go to any Jira issue, click on More, and select Links.

  2. Provide the Jira issue in the URL and give a link text as shown in the below screenshot:


  3. Make sure the Jira URL is either HTTP or HTTPS as per this document


    1. In the case of an existing connector, edit the connector page and check the option as shown in Step # 5.

    2. On the PowerBi Connector page, click Add New Connector button and fill in the required details.


  5. Select Remote link: URL as mentioned in the below screenshot:


  6. In the PoweBi Desktop follow the below steps:

    1. Go to Data -> Click on the URL to select the entire column.

    2. Select the Column Tools -> Data category as Web URL and then save the worksheet.

    3. Now open the file through the .pbix file and place the field on the Reports page and there you go, the links will be active.

    4. Finally, the report will have the Jira URL in the Remote link: URL and when you click the URL it will redirect to the Jira Issue:


Please note that access to the app is controlled by the Access Permissions option, which is accessible only to a Jira administrator. If the group they belong to, is not selected, then those users cannot see the AIO Power BI menu item. In this case, the Jira administrator can perform the above step(s).