Issues When Installing or Upgrading Plugins


After installing or upgrading, Jira cannot enable plugins.

Additional Background

As happens during plugin installation or upgrade, the symbolic links (these links tell Jira where to find the path to the plugins) need to be refreshed.


In most cases, simply restarting Jira fixes the issue. However, if restarting Jira does not work, use the following troubleshooting steps to fix those symbolic links.The steps below are posted in order of easiest of use to the most time consuming. You can follow all the steps or jump to ahead. Each subsequent step has the affect of the previous steps.

  1. Restarting Jira

Restarting Jira usually fixes any issue with symbolic links.

2. Clearing plugin cache

Clearing out the plugin cache forces the cache to reinstantiate when Jira restarts.

  • Make sure all Appfire addons are disabled

  • Stop the JIRA instance.

  • Delete <JIRA_HOME>/plugins/.bundled-plugins and <JIRA_HOME>/plugins/.osgi-plugins (just these two folders)

  • Restart JIRA.

For more information, see this Atlassian documentation on clearing out the plugin cache.

3. Uninstalling and reinstalling plugins

This is the most time consuming, yet most thorough. As stated in the introduction, you can skip to this step without trying the others.

Uninstall all Appfire plugins in the following order:

  • All Appfire plugins that are not Power Scripts, SIL Engine or Warden

  • Power Scripts

  • SIL Engine

  • Warden (Disabled when uninstalling SIL engine)

Install all Appfire plugins in the following order:

  • Power Scripts (SIL Engine and Warden are installed automatically)

  • All other Appfire plugins

  • Complete a fully locked reindex

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