SIL Connector Modules

Support for Atlassian Server Products (and apps like Power Scripts) is ending in February 2024.
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Connector modules are apps the extend the core Power Apps even further and give the apps special abilities. These modules are always free to own.

When a connector is installed it doesn’t just add functionality to one of the core apps, it adds the functionality to all of them! That is the benefit of a suite of apps running on a common platform.

Power Salesforce Connector

Configuration Manager can currently migrate scripts and configurations for workflows inside Jira.


SIL Excel Connector

Gives SIL the ability to read and write directly to Microsoft Excel documents. Bring all your data together into one place!

SIL Groovy Connector

The SIL® Groovy connector extends the SIL® language that is part of the SIL® Engine add-on allowing it to run Groovy scripts. This greatly increases the flexibility of the SIL® language and opens up the entire Java API adding more power to the tool.

SIL Insight Connector

Gives SIL the ability to work directly with the Insight Asset Management custom fields. The best keeps getting better.

SIL Table Grid Connector

SIL® TableGrid Next Generation Connector provides an API for SIL to work with the custom fields created by the Table Grid Next Generation add-on.

SIL Tempo Connector

SIL® Tempo Connector enables you to extend Jira by handling Tempo Timesheets objects so that you can sync data by updating Issues, Accounts, and Teams in a timely manner.