Service Proxy Destroyed


Power Scripts stops working and returns an error, “Service Proxy Destroyed”.


The service proxy gets created in memory when Jira starts. The only way to restore the proxy is to reboot Jira. The cause of the proxy destruction is usually a combination of large processes running simultaneously or other factors. Often what happens is that the the JVM is close to exceeding memory capacity when a memory intensive thread is overloads it. Typically Power Scripts threads do not necessarily consume a great deal of memory but may be just enough to push the JVM over the limit. In general, Power Scripts threads are small.


The solution for restoring the service proxy is to reboot Jira. If the issue persists, consider the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Check for scripts with an infinite loop or find ways to make scripts run more efficiently. For an introduction to optimizing data structures, see this page on Big O Notation.

  2. Excessive memory usage could be caused by too many SIL Listeners. If you have multiple listeners with the same event (such as “create issue” or “issue updated”), try combining scripts (or reconfigure the scripts) so that they take up less system resources (such as optimizing data structures as outlined in step 1).

  3. Increase JVM memory by following these Atlassian instructions.

Chances are a script started running at the exact moment when another large process was running. Restarting Jira usually fixes the issue and no other troubleshooting steps are necessary.

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