My Script Reads the Old Value of a Custom Field


When running a SIL script, the value of a Custom Field is accessed incorrectly and reads the old value instead of the current one.


Whenever changes are made to a custom field, the issue must be reindexed before the updates are accessible. This is the same whether the custom field is updated via script or by manual input.

  • Make sure that any SIL Post Functions are the absolute last in the Post Function stack. For more information, see this documentation on customizing workflows.

  • Reindex the issue before accessing the custom field using admReindexIssue(). For example:

    admReindexIssue(key); string customFieldValue = textField;

Note that reindexing the issue before accessing custom field values is usually unnecessary as reindexing should run each time a SIL script is run. Using admReindexIssue() is a great way to troubleshoot code, but may be a sign that something is not configured correctly. If the issue persists, please create a support ticket here.

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