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Steps to follow when the sendEmail() routine is not working.

Configuring an SMTP email server

For instructions on configuring an SMTP server on Jira, please see this Atlassian documentation on:

Configuring an SMTP mail server.

Sending a test email from Jira

Test that you can send email from Jira by sending a test message from Jira. See this Atlassian documentation for further details:
How to send a Test Email in JIRA

Troubleshooting a Gmail account 

If you have Gmail configured as your SMTP mail server, you may need to change some settings on your Gmail account.

  1. Enable "less secure" apps. For more information, see this Google documentation on Less secure apps & your Google Account

  2. Unlock your Gmail account:

While you may be able to access your Gmail account, chances are it has been locked for use by third-party apps (in this case, Jira) due to excessive logins. See this Google documentation on unlocking a Gmail account: DisplayUnlockCaptcha

sendEmail() troubleshooting

Try using a simple script to test that the configuration is set up correctly and that sendEmail() works as expected.

Example sendEmail() code

sendEmail("", "subject", "body");

null sender

If this does not work, the first thing to check is that the mail configuration is set up correctly. Check that the "Send mail via" option has a "sender" option selected. See this screenshot from the documentation:

The most common error in configuration is that "Null sender" (the default option) is selected. It is suggested to use the "Container sender" as this uses the least amount of system resources. For more information, see this Power Scripts documentation on mail configuration.

Getting support

If these troubleshooting steps do not work, please create a support request on our Power Scripts Service Desk Portal.

Please answer the following questions:

  • Do you see any error messages in the Jira system logs?

  • To see the system logs, you can click on the "Load log" button at the bottom of the SIL Manager.

  • The logs are also available by navigating to <JIRA_HOME>/logs/atlassian-jira.log

  • Screenshots of the Mail configuration.

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