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Support for Atlassian Server Products (and apps like Power Scripts) is ending in February 2024.
Are you planning a migration to Cloud? Make sure you don't lose your Power Scripts data/configurations in the process. Check out the Server to Cloud Migration page for information on how to migrate your Power Scripts data to Cloud. Contact our support team if you have any questions.

Why SIL ?

If you need to customize Jira really deep, choose SIL from one of our apps Power Scripts™for Jira and / or Power Actionsfor Jira. The top reasons to use it are:

  1. Really delivers fast.

  2. Shields you form the Jira internals.

  3. Consistent from version to version.

  4. Extensible (routines and custom fields).

  5. Covers many other commercial apps functionalities.

Choosing SIL is a smart thing to do:

  • If you really care about standard programming practices, you can move workflows from test to production environments very quick.

  • Scripts can be easily adapted and modified on the fly.

  • You pay only once, then you can cover countless customizations, that otherwise would require a dozen of apps.

  • It is supported and you have the power.

This is the best option you could have for Jira customization.


Below is a short example so you know what to expect:

string k; assignee = "admin"; reporter = assignee; description = "some description"; dueDate = currentDate() + "1d"; env = "environment"; estimate = "2d" + "3h"; originalEstimate = "1d 4h" + "21h"; priority = "Critical"; if(not contains(summary, "test")){ summary = "test " + summary; } else { summary = "random summary assigned"; } spent = "2d"; updated = currentDate() - "1d"; votes = votes + 1; //Custom fields here UPPG = "admin"; //time interval custom field if(isNull(tt1)) { tt1 = estimate + "1h"; } else { tt1 = tt1 + "1h"; } //number custom field if(isNull(cfnumber)){ cfnumber = 1; } else { cfnumber = cfnumber + 1; } //create routine k = createIssue("TSTP", "", issueType, "auto-created issue"); %k%.votes = %k%.votes + 1; //autotransition autotransition(721,key); //or: //autotransition("Send report","PRJ-123");

Do not worry if all is not clear from the start, it will all make sense after you finish reading this guide.

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