Error Messages


When a script is not working right, the first thing to check are for error messages.

Click on the “Check” Button

  • Clicking on the “Check” button checks the code for syntax errors. Hover over the read “X” mark to see the specific error.

Check the Jira System Logs for Errors

  • When running the script, error messages are posted to the Jira system logs. The error logs can usually be seen by navigating to <JIRA HOME>/log/atlassian-jira.log.

  • You can also view those logs by clicking on the "Load log" button at the bottom of the SIL Manager.

Viewing the Entire Error Stack

  • Create a mark in the logs so that finding the beginning of the log stack is easy to find

    • One method is to use logPrint() to create a long line of dashes. Place the logPrint() routine at the top of the code you are using. The logPrint() code would look something like the following:

      logPrint(“ERROR”, “SIL DEBUGGING ------------------------ “ + currentDate());
    • Another method is to create a mark using this Atlassian Documentation.

  • Next, reproduce the error.

  • Search for the mark created in the system logs. The beginning of the error stack will be found after the mark in the logs.

Check the JavaScript console for errors and Debugging Information.

  • When running Live Fields scripts, another place to check for errors is in the JavaScript console. For most browsers, you can open the JavaScript console by pressing the F12 button.

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