How to Set Jira Service Management Request Type


How to set the request type of a Jira Service Management request.


This Knowledgebase article follows the procedure found at this Atlassian documentation, but shows how to do it the SIL way.

  1. To get a list of all request types, return the “KEY” column of the AO_54307E_VIEWPORTFORM table. Note how the escape characters are used to denote that the quote is a string literal. For example:

    string [] result = sql("jiraDB", "SELECT \"KEY\" FROM \"AO_54307E_VIEWPORTFORM\""); printInFile("request_type_keys.txt", result);

    Remember to click on the “Refresh” button in the SIL Manager to see changes after running the script. This will return all possible request types for your system.

  2. The request type will be a combination of the project key and request key. For example:

    #{Customer Request Type} = "pi/getithelp";
  3. To set the customer request type when using createIssue(), use the custom field mapping argument. For example:

    string [] custom_field_mapping = "Customer Request Type|pi/getithelp"; string newIssueKey = createIssue( "PI", //project key "", //parentissuekey "Service Request", //issuetype "Summary goes here", //summary "", //priority "", //description "", //components "", //due date "", // estimate "", //security level custom_field_mapping //custom fields mapping );

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