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Assign tasks to Teams


Assigning tasks and allocating them to respective Teams is a key action to manage projects.

Board module

Assign Jira issue to Team

If you need Jira issue to assign to Team, you can go to Board module.

  1. Go to the Jira issue in backlog in Infobar panel.

  2. Inline edit a Team column view and choose a Team.

Assign Basic task to Team

To assign Basic task to a respective Team:

  1. Go to Basic task in a backlog.

  2. Choose Team by inline editing in a Team column view.

Resources module

To assign unscheduled task to a respective Team:

  1. Click on unscheduled task on a timeline.

  2. Choose Team by inline editing in a detail view window.

Built-in field

  1. Add a built-in Team column to your view.

  2. Use a drop-down to select a team.

    Note: only teams that have been added to a box are available.