Team code


Team codes are used to identify teams assigned to tasks by App's modules and, when synchronized, by Jira. A Team code is not case-sensitive but will always be saved and displayed in capital letters.  Each created Team has a unique team code, which you need to specify when creating a new Team.


Depending on Resources configuration, a Team Code is stored as one of the following fields:

  • Labels type

  • Select list – single choice type

  • --none-- (not synchronized)

You can use these fields in your JQL to create Quick Filters or a Jira Board dedicated to a specific team.


Team codes are usually displayed next to the team name. For example, when you switch to the Team view in the Resources module, the team code is displayed next to each Team name and in the task details dialog:


Labels are very convenient but prone to typos. The App can automatically generate labels while you're assigning a Team. The Team Code used as a label has the following format: team#TEAMCODE.

For example, Team Saphire uses the "SAPH" team code. When you assign the team to a task, the team label is added.

Select list

Select List fields require you to predefine available options. When you use the Select List type field, only the TEAMCODE is used.

In the example below, the custom field labeled Team Code Custom Field is populated with the Quality Assurance Team's code (QA):

Not synchronized

Team assignment is NOT synchronized with Jira.