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Teams based on a Jira group


This feature is available in BigPicture Enterprise only. 

Box editor and admin can create a team based on a Jira group. 

  1. Click the "plus" button and select "Create new Team based on Jira group"

    2. Fill in the team details (required fields are marked with a red asterisk) and click "create".

The name of the Jira group is displayed next to the team name.

Membership Period

The membership period has a start day only.  The membership has no end date.


Synchronization has to be manually triggered.

Changes made in a Jira group (add/remove members) are reflected in BP after synchronization.

Manually triggered

You can manually initiate synchronization at any point. 

Synchronization is performed only for the box you are in. The team is not updated in other boxes (boxes that inherited the team)

Click the 'synchronize' button at the top:


Assign an existing team to a Box

Team allocation functions normally. You can allocate a team to upper and lower-level Boxes. 

If you want the team to be used in multiple Boxes, you can create it in the Home (root) Box and assign it to lower-level Boxes. 

Duplicate a team

You can duplicate a team based on a Jira group. 


The initial availability of all team members is set to 100%. 

To change the availability of a team member:

  1. Select a team (click on a team - team details open on the right)

  2. Go to the "Members" tab

  3. Select a member by clicking on their name

  4. Enter the new values (start date + availability) 

  5. Click the "+" 

  6. The new membership will be visible on the list

Note: when you go back to the overview of team members you see only the currently applicable memberships. Any memberships that have a future start date won't be listed until they are current. 


Existing teams

Existing teams that are based on members cannot be synchronized with a Jira group. This option is available only during the creation process.


If you have already created a team based on a Jira group you can't create another team based on the same Jira group.

You can duplicate a team or assign an existing team to upper/lower level Boxes. 

Mixed membership

If a team is based on a Jira group, you can't add individual users to expand the team. The team is based on a Jira group only. 

Jira group assignement

You can't change the Jira group a team is based on. The field can't be edited.