My Connector URLs - 4.2.1

After the application link setup is complete, when users go to Jira > Power BI > My Connector URLs for the very first time, they are presented with a dialog box to approve OAuth access.

  • Click on the link in the dialog box, and click Allow on the next screen

  • After clicking Allow, a form is presented to create your first Connector URL

    1. Provide a name and description (optional)

    2. Specify a JQL to filter the issues to be fetched by the connector

    3. Select the fields to be pulled by the connector

    4. Click Save and Close

Ensure to enter a valid JQL Query. The input validation check is performed when the user clicks Validate JQL or Save and Close. If the JQL field contains malicious content, an error message is displayed and the user is not allowed to proceed further.

e. The Connector URL is generated.

f. Power BI Jira Connector-Cloud: To make the Connector URL secure, provide the Username and Password and click Save. The screen appears if the Administrator has set the authentication as mandatory.

  • Power BI Jira Connector - Data Center instance: The Web Connector URL is, by default, secured.

  • Power BI Jira Connector - Cloud instance:

    • If the Administrator has made it mandatory for the users to set the username and password, then the Connector username and password screen appears. Refer to App Settings.

    • If the Administrator has not made the authentication mandatory, the Connector URL details get saved and the My Connector URL is displayed.

      • The Connector URL generated has anonymous access to users.

      • It is recommended to Set a username and password (though the Administrator has not made it mandatory) to ensure a secure Web Connector URL.

    • The username and password set apply to all the Connector URLs.

    • If required, you can Update the username and password.

    • Only if the Administrator has not made the authentication mandatory you can remove the username and password.

g. Multiple connectors can be created using the steps listed above