Import into Power BI

The Connector URLs generated by Power BI Jira Connector add-on can be added to Power BI Desktop as a Data Source to import the data into Power BI.

  1. To copy a connector URL from Jira > Power BI Jira Connector > Connectors > My Connectors. Click copy URL.

  2. Launch Power BI Desktop

  3. Click Get Data > OData feed

  4. Paste the URL copied in Step #1 and click Ok

  5. If prompted for a password, select Basic, provide username/password and click Connect

    1. Server: Your Jira username and password

    2. Cloud: Username and password set on the Connectors > Make Private screen

  6. Select the tables and click load

  7. Data load will start

  8. After the process finishes, imported Data will appear inside Power BI

For more information, please refer to the video below.