App Settings - 4.2.1

The App’s behaviour can be customized via Jira > Power BI > Administration > App Settings tab


Data Center





Number of Insight (Asset) Objects to pull for the Insight Attributes

Administrators can control the maximum number of Insight (Asset) Objects to pull for the Insight Attributes.

The default limit is 10,000. If the limit is not specified, the default limit is considered. (Available since app version 4.2.1.)

Administrators should be cautious when increasing the limit, as this may result in performance issues.

Make it mandatory for users to set the Username and Password (Power BI Jira Connector - Cloud)

Enable this option to make it mandatory for the user to set a username and password to ensure a secure Web Data Connector URL. The parameter is unchecked by default.

  • Applies to Power BI Jira Connector - Cloud instance.

  • In the Data Center instance, the Web Connector URL is by default secured.