Custom Field Filters

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Using custom field filters

Power Admin for Jira offers custom field-specific filters, which help you find custom fields and perform advanced analysis on your Jira instances:

Type, Global Context, and Projects filters perform quick, complex, and valuable analysis of custom fields. If you would like to find out which custom fields are used in a lot of projects or not used in projects click on the Projects column header in the table with search results. 

Use Cases

In this section, you can see some primary use cases of using the filters with custom fields in Power Admin.

  1. You can find custom fields of specific types not used in any project by using Type and Projects filters together.

  2. Find custom fields which have a global context and are not used in any project using the Global Context and Projects filters together.

  3. Find all custom fields of specific types, which have a global context and are used in selected projects.