App usage

With Power Admin for Jira's search, you can find all apps installed on your Jira and see where and how they are used. When Power Admin evaluates the usage of an app, it detects and presents the following configuration elements:

  • Custom fields of custom field types added by the app to your Jira system.

  • Workflows that use conditions, validators, or post-functions added by the app.

  • Projects using the custom fields and workflows with app contributions, as described in the previous two points.

  • Filters that use custom JQL functions, contributed by the app.

  • Agile Boards that use custom JQL functions contributed by the app.

  • Dashboards that use gadgets contributed by the app.

  • Service projects whose configurations use or reference the app. Usage detection for service projects happens when the service projects' cached index is generated for the first time or when it’s refreshed.

App search page

After you use Power Admin to search for apps, you will be transported to the Search page screen. Here, you can see a list of all apps with their versions, IDs, and projects they’re used in.

Find the usage of an app

  1. On Power Admin's Landing page select App from the drop-down and start searching.

  2. On the Search page with results, click on the name of an app.

  3. Then, the App Usage Report page appears.


View system-installed apps

Power Admin’s default view only shows user-installed apps. To view system-installed apps, click the Show all apps button on the Search page. All system-installed apps will have a SYSTEM label next to them for easier browsing.


Filter apps by usage in projects

You can use the Projects filter to find all apps that contribute configuration elements used by specific projects. Learn more about the Projects Filter here.

App profile page


At the top of the profile page, you can see the ID and version of the app. The rest of the app's usage information is presented in the Summary and Details sections on its profile page.

In the Summary section, you can see the projects, custom fields, workflows, custom JQL functions (filters and agile boards), dashboards, and service projects that are using or referencing the app.

You may be wondering what we mean by custom JQL functions. Well, these are JQL functions provided by the app so:

  • If an app contributes a custom JQL function and it is used in a filter, this filter is shown as a dependent object for the app.

  • If an app contributes a custom JQL function and is used in an agile board, this agile board is shown as a dependent object for the app.

In the Details section, you can find details about all the custom fields, workflows, agile boards, filters, dashboards, and service projects that use the app’s functionality. From here, you can navigate to the Power Admin profile pages of custom fields, workflows, filters, and service projects.

Service Projects usage counters

Keep in mind that the Service Projects usage counter counts the app usage in a service project’s configuration, such as request types, queues, or legacy automation.

For example, a JQL function from an app may be used in an IF condition of an automation rule. Or a custom field provided by the app may be set up as a hidden field with a preset value in a request type.


You can export a list of all dependent objects with the Export button.


The Manage button takes you to Jira's Manage Apps page.

You can also make changes to the app's dependent configuration elements by using the Actions column in the Details section.


You can also find the locations where apps are used in custom fields, workflows, projects, filters, agile boards, and dashboards.