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Power Admin for Jira provides you with an easy and convenient way to search for saved filters in a Jira instance. Searching for filters is present as an option on the Power Admin’s landing page as the rest of the supported configuration elements. You can even search in the JQL queries of filters. You can also view the whole query of a filter, open it in Issue Navigator or copy it.

After finding a filter, you can visit its profile page in Power Admin to get a full report of its usage.

Find filters

To find a filter and view its usage:

  1. On Power Admin's Landing page, select Filter from the drop-down, type the filter name or key, and start your search.

  2. On the search results page, you can enable the Search in Query option and enter an ID, name, or JQL query in the search box. Power Admin, then, will search for а match also in the JQL query of each filter.

  3. You can filter further the results by owner and access. For this purpose, use the Owner and Access filters next to the filter search field. 

  4. From the search results, click on the name of a filter. Then, the filter profile page appears.

Search results

After you search for a filter, the page with results shows the following information:

  • Name, description, and ID of the filter

  • JQL query of the filter - if the query is broken, there will be an error in the JQL section informing you about the problem.

  • Sharing state of a filter - private or shared. Filters can be shared with other users directly, or via user groups, projects, and project roles (read more).

  • Owner (user) of a filter - name, and state of the owner (active, inactive, or deleted).

  • Subscriptions - count of the users and groups subscribed to the filter.

You can refine your results by searching for filters by name, description, id, and JQL query. Using the option "Search in query ", you can enable or disable the search in the filters' JQL entries.

There are also two additional filters that you can use to filter further the results by owner and access.

When you hover over the JQL query of a filter, three available actions appear:

  • View in Issue Navigator - view the filter’s JQL entry on a new page in the Issue Navigator.

  • View view the whole JQL query in an inline dialog on the same page.

  • Copy - copy the JQL query to the clipboard.

Filter’s profile page

After finding your filter in the search results, you could open the filter's profile page and review the data gathered about where the filter is used in your Jira.

How does Power Admin for Jira track the filter usage?

To collect all the data about a filter's usage, Power Admin detects all the agile boards, dashboards, and filters where the filter is in use. We go through the JQL entries in agile boards and filters and look for references to a filter.

We also detect the count of subscriptions to and shares of this filter.

Learn more about how Power Admin for Jira tracks the usage information.

Usage Information

On a filter’s profile page, you could see the following information:

  1. Id, owner, and JQL query.

  2. Sharing of the filter - PRIVATE or SHARED.

  3. Number of subscriptions to this filter and shares with users, groups, or roles.

  4. Count and list of agile boards, dashboards, and filters where the filter is referenced/used.

If the filter’s JQL query is invalid, Power Admin will display an error in the JQL section along with a red error icon.


You can export a filter using the Export button on the profile page. You can also use two actions on a filter’s JQL query: View in Issue Navigator and Copy query.


Location details are not available for the relation between filters and their dependent configuration elements (agile boards, filters and dashboards).