Projects and their usage

In addition to different configuration elements and apps, Power Admin for Jira allows you to:

  • Browse all your projects;

  • View project references in filters, agile boards, dashboards, and service projects;

  • Search for projects based on different criteria.

Projects can be found by name, current or previous keys, or ID. You can also filter your projects by Type, Category, or Lead, which allows you to quickly find the projects you need.

You can find complete information about a project and its dependent configuration elements and manage all the projects on your Jira.

When Power Admin evaluates the usage of a project, it detects and presents the following configuration elements:

  • Filters where your selected project is used.

  • Agile Boards where your selected project is used.

  • Dashboards that use gadgets whose configurations reference the selected project.

  • Service Projects that have queues, automation, SLAs, or other elements whose configurations reference the selected project. Their usage detection happens when the service projects' cached index is generated for the first time or when it’s refreshed.

You can also rename projects inline and export all their dependent agile boards, filters, and dashboards.

Locations allow you to see the configuration elements where your projects are in use and find out how exactly they are used.

When you search for one or more projects, you will see a list of projects with their key, project type, category, lead, issue count, and last issue update.

Project filters

You can make your search for projects even more precise and fast by using filters that allow you to filter further the projects. You can refine your list with projects based on their type, category, and lead.

Find project information and usage

  1. On Power Admin's Home page, select Project from the drop-down, type the project name/key and start your search.

  2. On the Search results page, click on the name of a project.

  3. Then, the project’s profile page appears.


You can see the following project information: project type, category, lead, key, and last issue update date (the last date when an issue from the project was updated).

Power Admin also provides the list of dependent agile boards, filters, dashboards, and service projects where the project is referenced/used.


The following actions are available for projects:

  • Rename - click on the name of a project to rename it. Rename is a safe activity which means that the name of the project will be updated in all dependent configuration elements referring to it by name.

  • Configure - redirects you to the project’s configuration page in Jira.

  • Edit - redirects you to the project’s edit page in Jira.

  • Export - exports the project usage information in a CSV file.

For now, actions to a project’s dependent configuration elements are not available, and that’s why the Actions column in the dependencies table is empty.

Project key history

You can view a list of all keys used for your project previously.

Change your project key

You can change the key of a project in just two steps from the project page in Power Admin. Also, the filters, boards, and dashboards that reference the project by one of its historical keys are listed on the project page.

Changing the project key does not automatically re-index that project’s issues. You’ll need to manually trigger the re-index process afterward, as described in the Re-indexing Jira and Re-indexing a single project sections in this Atlassian document.


Review in detail the locations where projects are used. In Locations, you will find detailed information regarding where and how your project is used in agile boards, filters, and dashboards.