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Filter custom fields by their type

The Type custom field filter in Power Admin for Jira allows you to find custom fields by their type. For example, you can find all custom fields of Date Picker or User Picker type.

In the search results in Power Admin, for custom fields, there is a Type column showing the type of each custom field. You can use the Type filter in combination with the rest of the filters to accomplish your use cases.

To find custom fields of specific types:

  1. On Power Admin's Landing page, select Custom Field from the drop-down, and start searching.

  2. On the Search page with results, click on the Type filter.

  3. Then, on the Type filter, select custom field types.

  4. Click on the Update button.

The filter's name changes from Type to Type (count) to display the count of selected types. All custom fields of the selected types appear in Power Admin and you can see the type of each custom field in the Type column.

Clear your filter

To clear the Type filter:

  1. Click on the Type filter and use the Clear button there.

  2. Click on the Update button.

The filter is disabled and later you can configure it again. You can use the Clear option to reconfigure the filter.