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Workflows and their usage

Say you want to find how and where a particular workflow is used in your Jira configuration. Now, it's possible to search for and get a great insight into workflow usage across your entire system. Power Admin for Jira allows you to find any workflow and its dependent workflow schemes. You could also view the projects where the workflow is assigned.

Find workflows

To find a workflow:

  1. On Power Admin's Landing page, select Workflow from the drop-down, type a name or id, and start your search.

  2. On the Search results page, click on the name of a workflow. You can filter further the workflows by usage in projects (use the Projects filter next to the search field).

  3. Then, the workflow’s profile page appears.

Search results

The page with search results shows the following information for each workflow:

  • Name and id of the workflow - you can search for a workflow by its name or ID.

  • Projects - you could view the count of the projects to which the workflow is assigned. When you click on the project count lozenge, you could view a list of all these projects.

Profile page

Using the profile page, you could view all the details about a workflow and its usage.

How does Power Admin for Jira track the workflow usage?

Power Admin finds all projects to which the workflow is assigned. It also detects all the workflow schemes assigned to the workflow.

Usage Information

You can find a workflow's usage information in the Summary and Details sections on its profile page.


The Summary section shows:

  • Projects: Count of the projects to which the workflow is assigned. You can click on the count to view a list of the projects.

  • Workflow schemes: Count of workflow schemes assigned to the particular workflow.


The Details section of the profile page lists the workflow schemes assigned to that workflow. You could further navigate to the profile pages of each dependent workflow scheme.


The following actions are available for workflows:

  • Configure - redirects you to the workflow's configuration page in Jira.

  • Delete - you could easily clean your Jira from any unused workflow. Power Admin allows you to delete a workflow if it is not used in any workflow scheme.

  • Export - exports the workflow usage information to a CVS file.


Location details are not available for for the relation between workflows and workflow schemes.