Global context filter

Find custom fields by global context

The Global Context filter in Power Admin for Jira allows you to search for custom fields with or without a global context. Custom fields with global contexts are available to use by all projects in your Jira. To learn more about the global context, you can check the Atlassian documentation here.

Power Admin marks all custom fields with a global context with the GLOBAL lozenge. You can use the Global Context filter in combination with the rest of the filters to adjust your search results to your preferences.

To find all custom fields with global context:

  1. On Power Admin's Home page, select an object type and start searching.

  2. On the Search page, click on the Global Context filter.

  3. Enable the filter by clicking the slider.

  4. Click Update.

After you enable the filter, all custom fields with a global context appear on the Search page. The filter's color changes to green, indicating that it is enabled.

As you can see in the screenshot below, all the custom fields with global context have the global lozenge.

Clear your filter

  1. Click on the Global Context filter.

  2. Move the slider back to its "switched off" state.

  3. Click Update.

  4. The filter is now disabled, and the results are updated to reflect this.