Maintain Jira configuration integrity

Detect integrity errors in your configurations

With the error handling in Power Admin for Jira, you quickly discover problems with your project configurations' integrity. These configuration faults affect the usage and dependency information for a configuration element. Power Admin detects these errors and points out the problematic areas where it couldn't entirely collect the whole data due to integrity errors. At the same time, it continues to present the available usage and dependency information.

The error handling includes:

  • Ability to return partial data about the usage and dependencies when the data integrity is incorrect.

  • Collecting information about the places in the configuration where the integrity has failed - e.g., screens, workflow schemes, etc.

  • Showing errors in the relevant places in Power Admin - in the appropriate usage/dependency counters and the project column in the Details section listing the dependent elements.

  • Notifying that the data is incomplete and suggesting how to identify the root cause of a problem.

On the screenshot, you can see:

  1. An error message notifying that the app encountered integrity errors while gathering the configuration element's usage information.

  2. Specific errors with tooltips in the relevant usage/dependency counters.

  3. An error in the Projects column of the dependencies table.