JMWE for JIRA Data Center/Server 8.2.0 Release Notes

This version, released on Mar 2, 2023, includes the following changes:

Upgrade to Groovy 3

JMWE for Jira Server has been update to Groovy 3! The update to Groovy 3 (3.0.13 to be specific) brings some welcome changes to Groovy in JMWE. The new parser, codenamed Parrot Parser, brings Groovy syntax much closer to that of modern Java, adding syntax improvements, additional operators, and code blocks among other improvements. Some of the more exciting updates include:

  • do-while loops - Java’s do-while loop is now supported in Groovy, enabling loops that execute at least once.

  • Java-style lambda syntax - The Java syntax for lambda expressions is now supported in Groovy expressions.

  • Elvis assignment operator - Groovy 3 adds the Elvis assignment operator - ?= - alongside the existing Elvis operator.

  • !in and !instanceof operators - Additional operators have been added for the negated forms of in and instanceof.

You can view the full release notes for Groovy 3 here.

Along with the updates come a number of breaking changes, including the relocation of various classes to new packages. Please refer to the full release notes for all details on breaking changes.

New ‘Assign Issue’ Post-Function

A new post-function has been added - Assign Issue! The Assign Issue post-function consolidates the functionality of two existing post-functions - Assign to role member and Assign to last role member - in addition to adding expanded logic when assigning an issue during a transition.

Other Improvements

This release includes other updates and improvements:

  • Set Field Value Post-Function - added a “Remove Values” option. See Set field value for more information.

  • workdaysBetween Groovy Global Function - The Groovy global function workdaysBetween has been expanded to accept calendar ID or calendar name parameters when using Jira Service Managements. See Variables and functions used in a Groovy expression.

  • Copy extension to Shared Extension - A new function has been added to the Transition editing screen - Copy to Shared Extension! When working with JMWE extensions, it is now possible to copy the extension, including it’s full configuration, to a Shared Extension. See Workflow Extensions for more information.

  • Constraints added to Shared Action post-function - Incompatible ordering of any post-functions within a Shared Action post-function (e.g. placing a ‘Transition current issue’ post-function before the issue is originally created) will now trigger an error message in the Transition editor. See Shared Action post-function for more information.

Bug fixes


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