Workflow Extensions

Jira Misc Workflow Extensions provides advanced workflow conditions, validators and post-functions that allow you to build sophisticated workflows without needing to dive deep into Java, Groovy coding, or complex Jira APIs.

“Workflow extensions” are the overall classification of three native Jira workflow features that JMWE extends - Conditions, Validators, and Post-functions. In general, these extension enable the following:

  • Conditions - Control the availability of a transition based on field values.

  • Validators - Verify field values during a transition.

  • Post-functions - Perform additional tasks after a transition is triggered.

Adding an Extension

Extensions are added to workflow transitions through the Workflow editor. Configuring a specific extension is covered in its documentation; the process for adding an extension is very similar between the different extensions. To add an extension:

Working with Extensions

After an extension has been added to a transition, it will be listed under the the appropriate tab in the Transition editor (Figure 1, far right). Extensions will be executed in the order they are listed, with new extensions added to the top of the list.

Figure 2 - Extension Command Buttons

Extensions can be updated, reordered, deleted, and copied using the command buttons in the upper right corner of their box (Figure 2, right). The following commands are available from left to right:

  • Enable/Disable - Toggle to enable or disable the extension.

  • Move Up - Move the extension to an earlier spot on the list of extensions.

  • Move Down - Move the extension to a later spot on the list of extensions.

  • Edit - Open the extension configuration page to modify its configuration.

  • Delete - Remove the extension from the transition.

  • Add to Shared Extension - Copy the extension to a Shared Extension; a popup window will open where either a Shared Extension can be selected, or a new Shared Extension created. See Shared Extensions for more information.

Extension Constraints

Figure 3 - Incompatible Post-function Configuration

In some instances, an extension may be added to a transition where it is incompatible with the native functions of the transition. For example, a post-function used to copy field values may be added to the Create transition and be set to run before the issue has actually been created. In these instances, the Transition editor will display an error message in the extension box (Figure 3, right).

When using the Shared Action extension, the compatibility check will determine which post-function(s) within the shared action is causing an error, and will detail which specifically are problematic, and how to resolve the issue.

To resolve the compatibility error, check the error message and update the extension configuration appropriately.


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