Transitions activity tab on issue view page

The JMWE app provides an overview of the transitions triggered on the issue on the issue view page under the Activity section. This tab is visible by default. You can enable it or disable it globally, or enable it conditionally using one of the options below: 

To view the Transitions activity tab:

  1. Select Always show the Transitions activity tab on the issue view screen on JMWE Configuration page

  2. Go to the Issue View screen

  3. Locate the Transitions tab under Activity

The tab includes the following information:

  1. Transition Name: Name of the transition triggered

  2. Status: From and To status of the transition triggered. You can hover over the date to see the full timestamp value (which is especially useful for relative date/time values)

  3. Total Time in Status: How long the issue spent in the "from" status (left of the arrow) before being transitioned.

Figure 1 - Transitions Activity Tab

To enable the Transitions activity tab conditionally

  1. Select Show the Transitions activity tab on the issue view screen based on a Groovy condition option

  2. Input a Groovy script that returns a truthy value for the transitions activity tab to be visible. This Groovy script will be evaluated for each issue before displaying the Transitions tab, and the tab will be displayed only if the expression returns true or a "truthy" value. Here are a few examples of Groovy conditions: Display the Transitions activity tab only for

    1. Users of the “jira-administrators” group

    2. Users of the “Developers” project role

      currentUser.isInProjectRole("Developers", issue.get("project"))
    3. Specific projects:

      issue.get("project").key in ["TEST","KAN"]

See to know how to write a conditional Groovy script.

Hiding the JMWE Transitions activity tab unconditionally

Select Never show the Transitions activity tab on the issue view screen option on the JMWE Configuration page.

If you have the JSU Automation Suite for Jira Workflows app installed in your instance, you will see another Transitions tab.


Hiding the JSU Transitions activity tab

To hide the JSU Transitions activity tab, go to the Manage apps Jira administration page, locate the JSU Automation Suite for Jira Workflows app, click on it to expand the section, then click on the 57 of 57 modules enabled link to the right (the 57 number might vary):

This will reveal a list of modules at the bottom of the section. Locate the “Transitions Summary Tab Panel” entry, hover over it to reveal the Disable button, and click on Disable: