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All-in-One app for Jira workflow automation

"One of the best and most useful apps on the marketplace, especially if you have complex workflows."Michael Brown


With Jira Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE), you get everything you need for automating Jira workflows. It's easy to get started with the point-and-click tools while gradually extending the use of scripting for limitless possibilities. 

Watch this 2-minute video for a quick look at JMWE


Things to know about JMWE 

  1. You can build and automate workflows without writing a single line of code.
    Using our 40+ post-functions, conditions, and validators, you can configure thousands of sophisticated use cases. You can find all these extensions right within Jira's list of post-functions, conditions, and validators. Check out this cheat sheet with Jira extensions available to you.

  2. You can also supercharge these extensions with simplified Groovy scripting. 
    Native to all JMWE extensions, our powerful (and optional) editor and tester lets you quickly deploy workflows bug-free, even with little coding experience. Its simplified API hides the complexity of the Jira API - this means that you can use snippets of Groovy code, which makes workflow configurations easy to deploy, re-use, or edit, all without getting lost in lines and lines of code. Plus, these scripts won't break when the Jira API changes during the next major Jira release.

  3. The Transition History Tab is now available on all issues.
    In one list, users can see all transitions insights, i.e., when they took place, who triggered them, and Time in status

  4. If you ever need help, explore our Knowledge Base, the Troubleshooting page, or reach out to our support

Learn how to add a workflow validator in under 30 seconds:

Configuring JMWE post-functions, conditions, and validators is easy. In this quick example, we use the "Field is Required Validator" to ensure that specific Jira fields have a value during issue transition. Then, if any of your "required" fields are empty, your custom error message will be displayed to prompt the user to input missing values. 

For step-by-step instructions on any of our Workflow Extensions, explore the documentation on the left.

Ready to experiment with Groovy?

If you want more sophisticated scripting rules, JMWE makes it easy: post-functions, conditions, and validators can all be extended with snippets of code using Groovy. For example, if you want to transition all linked issues and provide, for one of the transition screen fields, a calculated value, you just need to write code to calculate the value (usually, a one-liner). With other scripting tools, you'd need at least 100 lines of code to give you the same functionality. You can even build your own "scripted" post-function, validator, or condition.

With JMWE, you can write Groovy scripts more easily with syntax highlighting and on-the-fly syntax checking. You can also test your script against any issue so that you can debug it and make changes without having to publish your workflow. 

New to Groovy scripting? Start here.

If you are new to Jira Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE), visit our website

You can purchase JMWE from the "Find new Apps" page inside your Jira instance or the Atlassian Marketplace.

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