Managing Objectives


Each objective can be set using:

  • Basic objectives – just like with Basic tasks, such objectives will be only visible via the app and not in the Host Platform (your Jira Instance)

  • task-based objectives – pick from the list of existing tasks in the scope of a Box. 

If you wish to learn more about objectives, here's a comprehensive article on objective-based planning.


You can configure the Security settings in the Box Configuration and Business Administration.

To Add, Edit and Delete Objectives you need one of the following Security roles:

  • Box Editor

  • Box Admin

Moving objectives - drag-and-drop

When you hover the mouse over an objective, six dots appear on the left of it. Click them (left mouse button) and move an objective into a new posittion. You can:

  • change the order of objectives 

  • move an objective to a different swimeline

  • move an objective to a different column

Right-click pop-up menu

Right-click on an existing objective to see a list of available operations:

Adding Objectives

To add an objective click the + in one of the TImeboxes:

Objective name can consist of up to 255 characters:

Closed Boxes

Objectives can't be added to closed Boxes.

Basic and Task-Based Objectives

Each objective can be set using basic objectives which are stored by the App and will not synchronize with Jira or other connected tools.

Task-Based Objectives

Any task that is in a Box scope can be added as an Objective in the Objectives module (formerly "Roadmap"). That includes both Jira and Trello tasks. 

To add a task-based Objective:

  1. Navigate to the Objectives module

  2. Click + to add a new objective

  3. Click the toggle switch next to the objective name field

  4. Search for a task

Basic objectives 

Basic objectives are added manually directly in the app. They don't correspond to any tasks or other items in your integrations. 

Just like with Basic tasks, such objectives will be only visible via the app and not in the Host Platform (your Jira Instance)

Associated work

Associated work can be added to all objectives (basic objectives and task-based objectives)

Basic objectives cannot be added as associated work - only tasks can be nested under objectives. 

Objective Owner

You can associate resources with objectives. User avatar will be shown next to an objective. 


  1. Duble left-click on a given objective. An editing box will open. 

  2. Click on 'Positions' to expand.

  3. Click the 'Select user' drop-down.

  4. Use the search box to find a user. Click on the user to select them.

  5. Hit 'Save' to confirm.