Calendar tasks can be color-coded, just like for the Gantt module. When heatmap mode is off, there is no color coding:

Activating the Heatmap mode


To activate the Heatmap mode you can use the  shortcut.

Go to View dropdown and click on Heatmap mode.

A checkmark indicates whether the Heatmap mode is currently:



Task Color

Task color can be displayed based on:

  • Task status

  • Manually selected colors

Task status

tasks status

  • grey (TO DO)

  • blue (IN PROGRESS)

  • green (DONE)

Manually selected colors

Below you can see how manual colors translate to the Calendar module:

You can change the task color directly in the Calendar module. Right-click on a task to see a pop-up menu. The selected task will be highlighted in blue.

Once you have selected a color click outside of the pop-up menu to close it. The task is no longer highlighted and a new color is visible.

You can change the manually selected task colors, even when the Heatmap mode is inactive. The pop-up menu is still accessible and changes can be made. Changes made to the manual task color will affect other modules (Gantt).