Objective's lifecycle


An objective is a high-level analogy to work that needs to be done in a given period. They are a short summary highlighting what needs to be achieved but do not determine the way it should be done.

Such an approach provides more flexibility and team empowerment and allows you to focus on transparent, specific objectives at the same time.  

Right-click pop-up menu

Right-click on an existing objective to see a list of available operations:

Objective statuses

The objective can have one of the following statuses, which you can update manually by right-clicking on the objective or by dragging the progress slide bar.

The list of possible statuses is outlined in the table below:

Objective status


Objective status



The default status of a new objective.


The objective was completed and will not be moved to the next box.


The objective was not completed. It can be copied to the next Box (continued) or failed and left where it currently is. 


The objective was not completed and will not be moved to the next box.


The objective will be continued in the next box.

Uncommitted objective

An additional objective with variable value (if time permits).

When achieving an objective will take more than a single iteration you can:

  • select Continue... option or 

  • use drag and drop holding left Alt key.

Open Objectives - updating progress

The progress bar can be updated using inline editing - click (left mouse button) on the percentage number and enter a new value.

Manual change of objective status

When a Box is "Closed", objectives are in a read-only mode:

  • Objectives can't be added

  • Objectives can't be modified

Method 1:

Right-click on an objective. Select an option from the pop-up menu:

Method 2:

Double-click on an objective (left mouse button). A details box will appear:

Objective status set to "Failed"

When you set the Objective status to "Failed" the following pop-up will appear:

  • Keep in current Box (use this option if you don't intend to continue working on an objective. The Objective won't be moved or copied - status set to "Failed")

  • Continue (use this option if you intend to continue working on the objective. The objective is copied to the next Box - status set to "Open")

Automatic change of status

Progress based transition

When an "Open" objective progress reaches 100% Objective status is automatically changed to "Complete".

When the progress bar is at 100% and you lower it, the status is changed to "Open". 

Box status transition to "Closed"

When you change the status of a Timebox to "Closed" and at least one of the objectives is marked as Open, you will see a dialog with possible actions:

  • Mark open objectives as "Failed" and continue

  • Mark open objectives as "Abandoned" 

  • Do not modify the status of open objectives

Achievement Progress

The Achievement of Objectives feature will help you track the progress of your Goals and Objectives as well as calculate the planned vs actual business value metric.

Affected by

Box status

After a Box status is set to "Closed" you can't:

  • change the objective status

  • modify the progress of "Open" objectives

  • change the type (regular/uncommitted)

  • change the color 

In "Closed" Boxes, you still can:

  • Change objective details (name and note)

  • Add and remove associated work 

  • change the Objective's owner