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Achievement of Objectives


The Achievement feature will help you track the progress of your Goals and Objectives as well as calculate the planned vs actual business value metric.

The Achievement metric is calculated for each Timebox based on one of the following:

  • Objective Status

  • Objective Business Value

The Business value should not be confused with any other measures, such as the associated effort or total story points associated with an objective. The fields values range is from 0 to 10.

The Planned Business Value (PBV) of new objectives scored during the planning meeting can be later compared with the Actual Business Value (ABV), once data is available. This is usually done during the 'Inspect and adopt' ceremonies.


App admins can enable the the PBV vs ABV ratio calculation in App Administration > Box types > select the Box type to edit > Objectives > Business Value.

Achievement Progress

Achievement: None

Achievement progress is not calculated. 

Achievement: Count by status

The calculation is executed per swimlane and per Box to which objectives have been assigned:

The calculation is based on how many of the objectives have been achieved. The progress state of individual "Open" objectives isn't taken into account - the objective either has been achieved, or it hasn't. 

The Formula


Achievement progress = Number of regular Completed Objectives / Total number of regular objectives (Open + Failed + Completed) 

Abandoned objectives are ignored in the calculation:

Uncommitted objectives are ignored in the calculation:

Swimlanes filter impacts the calculation

Only visible swimlanes are taken into account during the calculation. 

Achievement: Count by Business Value

You can compare the  Planned and Actual business values, in which case the Uncommitted Team Objectives will not be included in the Achievement calculation. The App can calculate the ratio which will be displayed in the Timebox header thus creating a Team Performance report. 

The results can be further rolled up and used to create a program predictability measure. To learn more visit

Editing business value

Keep in mind that the status of the Box determines the possibility to set the Business Value:

Timebox status

Actual BV

Planned BV

Timebox status

Actual BV

Planned BV

Not started

not editable


In progress




not editable

not editable

The business value must be enabled for a Box type. Otherwise, PBV and ABV fields will be hidden. 

PBV - Planned Business Value

ABV - Achieved business Value

Calculating the Planned vs Actual Business Value 

The PBVs of uncommitted objectives are not included in the calculation. For example, the total ABV is 27 points and the sum of PBV for the regular objectives is 18. The ratio is 27/18*100=150%

The Formula


Total ABV / Total PBV * 100 

All Completed, Open, Failed, and Abandoned objectives are accounted for in the calculation.

The calculation is executed separately for each swimlane and for the entire Box:

  • total ABV of all Box Objectives / total PBV of all Box Objectives

  • total ABV of swimlane Objectives in a Box / total PBV of swimlane Objectives in a Box

5/5*100 = 100%

5/10*100 = 50%

18/15*100 = 120%

5/4*100 =125%

PBV of uncommitted objectives is ignored, but ABV is counted: 

16/12*100 = 133%

If the PBV total of a swimlane is 0, the swimlane's achievement calculation is 0%: 

But the Box calculation is still executed if normally (total ABV of all Box Objectives / total PBV of all Box Objectives)  

27/10*100 = 270%

If the Box PBV is 0, the total for the Box and all swimlanes is 0%, regardless of ABV values:

Swimlanes filter impacts the calculation

Only visible swimlanes are taken into account during the calculation. 

Collapsed swimlanes are still taken into account during the calculation as long as they are visible:

Hidden swimlanes are ignored in the calculation: