Heatmap mode

You can color-code the objectives displayed when the "Heatmap mode" is enabled. 

Use color coding in different ways, one of which is to monitor the health status of ongoing objectives. For example, the Release Train Engineer can better keep track of the objective completion during e.g. Scrum of Scrums meeting. 


Heatmap mode is off. 

Color by Status

There are three default colors used in this mode which change together with status changes:

  • Completed – green

  • Abandoned – grey

  • Failed – red

When an objective is in "Open" status, it will not be highlighted.

Manual Colors

Heatmap mode set to "manually" allows you to edit colors associated with individual Objectives.

Change the colors manually by editing the Objective. To open the "Details dialog" double click on the Objective or right-click and select "Details."

The health status can be presented following the traffic light convention:

  • Green 

  • Yellow 

  • Red

Each health status can have a description defining its meaning, e.g. green – on track, yellow – at risk, red – off track.


Settings are applicable only in a manual heatmap mode. 

Settings are changed per Box type.

App admins can define the colors for each Box type in App administration > Box types > Select the box type to edit > Objectives > Colors