Download/Upload Selective Merge Changes

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Import Selective Merge operations

Selective Merge allows you to download your deployment changes to configuration elements to a file and then upload and apply the changes/operations from the file to a Jira instance.

The deployment changes you can include in the Selective Merge operation file are:

Use Cases

  • Share deployment changes between Jira instances - You might want to transfer the selective deployment changes from one Jira instance to another, without manually configuring them again. The changes you can download and upload are operations like creating new snapshot elements, matching configuration elements, and editing custom field contexts.

  • Repetitive execution of deployment changes - Alternatively, you might need to perform the selective deployment changes multiple times on the same Jira instance during tests, for example. Instead of manually applying them each time, you download and upload a file containing the deployment changes.

How it works

The download file that contains the selective deployment changes is in XML format. Configuration Manager will include only the confirmed changes in the file. If there are changes pending confirmation, they won’t be present in the XML file.

The operations in the file are listed in the order you configured them in the deployment wizard. You can choose to apply only some of the changes and not all of them.
If a deployment operation is invalid, it will be disabled, and there will be a warning.

You can apply only a subset of the imported changes to a Jira instance. After you import the file, in the list with loaded operations, enable the changes you would like to apply.


To download/import Selective Merge operations:

  1. Start a configuration snapshot deployment (link to deploy snapshot page).

  2. On the Analyze step, navigate to the Selective Merge section.

  3. Choose a modification to a screen/screen scheme.

  4. Click the →A option and enter a new name for the configuration element.

  5. Enter a new name and click the check mark to confirm.

  6. Click the Analyze button.

  7. Now, navigate to the Selective Merge section and download the file with the Selective Merge operations you just performed.

  8. On another Jira instance, start a configuration snapshot deployment.

  9. Instead of manually applying the same Selective Merge operations, upload the previously downloaded operations file.

  10. On the import page, choose which operations you would like to apply. After each set of operations, you need to confirm the changes with the Analyze button, to apply the changes and proceed with the deployment.


Error Handling

Configuration Manager detects any errors in the operations you would like to import and apply during the deployment. After you upload the file with selective merge operations, the import wizard will detect any error and will disable the problematic changes.
For example, you might have already applied some of the operations from the file, the configuration element has previously changed, and the action is no longer relevant.