Clear Caches

Don’t use the Clear Caches button

As of Configuration Manager for Jira 6.13.3, the option to “Send ClearCacheEvent to clear Jira's internal caches after deployment” in General Settings has been removed. Additionally, the Clear Caches button in Advanced Utilities has also been removed.

That’s because triggering them may lead to issues within your Jira instance. So, if you’re currently using an older version, DO NOT USE the ClearCacheEvent option or the Clear Caches button.

How to clear Jira's internal caches?

The Clear caches option in Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ) allows you to delete all Jira internal caches. This option will not delete any local files or ones on your Jira system.

You can use it when you experience cache corruption or after you’ve made a database modification but don’t want to restart Jira.

To clear Jira internal caches:

  1. Navigate to the Advanced page in CMJ's left-side menu.

  2. Select Clear caches at the top of the page.

  3. You will see an update pop-up showing you the success or failure of the internal Jira caches reset.