Review Imported Issue Data

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This is the result page of the deployment of a snapshot with issue data. All projects in the snapshot are listed and for each of them, there are details if the import was successful, if there were errors or if there were no issues imported.


Errors in issue data for the selected project are grouped by data object type and are represented by a short description of the object and a link to the issue it belongs to. More detailed information can be found in CMJ's Audit Log and in Jira's log.

The issue links import result is shown in a separate item. If there are issue links pointing to non-existing projects those links will not be imported. A list of the missing project keys and the number of skipped issue links are shown in the issue links import details. If there are issue links not imported due to errors a separate list with the errors is displayed. The errors list will show the first 50 errors. The full list can be found in Jira's log.

Agile data

If there is agile data in the snapshot (e.g. Sprint audit entries), the result of the agile data import is displayed as a separate item in the results list, there are details if the import was successful or there were errors.

If there was agile data not imported due to errors, a list of the errors grouped by object type is displayed in the agile data import details. 

Issue ranking (LexoRank)

Configuration Manager takes care of migrating LexoRank values for all newly created issues. The result of the ranking operation is shown here. Read more on ranking here: .