Convert Snapshot Files

Convert binary and XML snapshot files

Configuration Manager's snapshots are in binary format. You can convert any given binary snapshot to XML format and vice versa. You can convert the older Configuration Manager snapshots from XML to binary format.

You can choose between two options to load a snapshot file for conversion: Upload snapshot file or Select snapshot from current Jira on Configuration Manager's Advanced page.

The Select snapshot from current Jira option allows you to select a snapshot from a drop-down listing all the snapshots on the current Jira instance.

  1. Navigate to the Advanced page in Configuration Manager's menu.

  2. The Convert Snapshot Files section chooses either the Upload snapshot file or the Select snapshot from current Jira option.

  3. Depending on the selected option, either browse to a snapshot file or select one of the snapshots from your Jira instance.

  4. After the file is loaded, click on the Convert button to finish the conversion to XML or Binary depending on the source snapshot file format.

If you have provided an XML snapshot file, it will be converted to binary format. If you provided a snapshot file in binary form, it would be converted to XML format.