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List of Integrated Apps


The information on this page is intended for:

  1. App vendors who want to allow their customers to move app configuration and data from one Jira Server/DC instance to another.

  2. Jira customers who develop Jira Server/DC apps for internal usage and want to be able to move the app configuration and data between Jira instances.

  3. Developers who want to integrate Jira Server/DC apps with Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ) for app data and configuration migration purposes.

If you are a Jira admin, read this document to learn how to check which apps on your Jira Server/DC are integrated with CMJ and which app configurations will be automatically migrated. You can also check the list of all integrated apps.

Integrate your apps with CMJ for configuration and data migrations

App Integrations is a platform that helps app vendors and developers integrate the apps they’re building with Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ).

Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ) is a configuration and change-management tool. Jira admins use it to move and migrate all kinds of Jira configurations, like projects, custom fields, workflows, etc., from one Jira server or data center instance to another.

What about apps that are installed on the Jira instance? We've developed an extension to CMJ to provide the same features for Jira admins to migrate custom app configurations and data together with Jira configuration and data between instances.

This extension is called Service Provider Interface (SPI).

How to integrate your app

The extension offers various easy-to-use endpoints. Vendors’ development teams must connect their Jira Server/Data Center apps to these endpoints to integrate with CMJ. The available endpoints for Jira Server/Data Center apps are described below.

Integration endpoints

Custom field
Allows migrating specific custom field configurations provided by the app automatically with CMJ.

Allows migrating specific attached to a project configuration provided by the app automatically with CMJ.

Allows migrating custom conditions, validators, and post-functions, provided by the app automatically with CMJ.

Allows migrating custom dashboard gadgets provided by the app automatically with CMJ.

Global Configuration
Allows migrating the global app configuration automatically with CMJ.

App Data
Allows migrating the app data automatically with CMJ.

Issue data
When issues are moved from one Jira instance to another, Configuration Manager will automatically migrate additional issue data stored in the app if you’ve included this app in the snapshot.

For the complete integration process, visit the App Integrations documentation space.

Integration plan for app vendors/developers

Are you a Jira server or data center app vendor or developer? Here is a quick overview of the steps to take to integrate your app with CMJ.

  1. Initial setup of the App Integrations platform and implementation of its endpoints. Follow the developer guides that will lead your team through the whole integration process.

  2. Check the App Integrations page in CMJ to verify your app is successfully integrated.

  3. Test the integration with a server-to-server migration of your app’s global configuration and data using CMJ. Create a CMJ configuration snapshot on the source instance and deploy it to the target instance, for this purpose.

  4. Contact our team to add your app to our List of Integrated Apps. The List of Integrated Apps gives CMJ users more visibility about the apps' configuration and data they can migrate.

Find out more about the integration plan in the Integration Types document.

The App Integrations documentation space

This space contains app integration articles and guides for developers and app vendors.

Documentation for app vendors

In the Vendor Integration Corner, app vendors will find:

  • detailed information about the benefits of integrating with CMJ, and,

  • answers to frequently asked questions about the integration process.

Documentation for developers

Developers will find helpful information and guides for integrating with the Service Provider Interface (SPI).

Already integrated apps

If you are an app vendor who just integrated or you don’t see your app there, contact us, and we will add you.

Jira admins can use the List of Integrated Apps page to check which apps on their system are integrated with CMJ. The page also provides information about apps' configurations that can be automatically migrated by CMJ.